Thursday, January 15, 2009

As "GOOD" As It Gets

There's an all time favorite movie by this name - "As good as it gets", starring the devilishly sheepish Jack Nicholson and the oh-so charming Helen Hunt, those who still haven't watched it...go, just do it (even if ur not sporting a Nike) 'coz it doesn't deserve a miss...

Wait a second...gooddammit, aah..i mean goddammit... this post is not to promote the movie..

There's this age-old adage which says - "whatever happens.....happens for the good"...."जो होता है अच्छे के लिए होता है".....this just left me wondering..wht's so good 'bout the following????
  • mumbai terror attacks or terrorism as a whole
  • pollution
  • inflation
  • AIDS n HIV positive status
  • recession
  • mafia,underworld,'bhaigiri'.....
  • slums n poverty
  • reality TV

i thought..n...i thought more...n not many good things struck my thinking organ, but thank goodness, here's what it managed.....

  • terrorism, apart from good-old cricket (which generates a pseudo-patriotism), is the only phenomenon against which all of us stand united, n which generates a strong sense of patriotism...."Good walls make good neighbours" they say, but our not-so-good neighbour fails to realize this...the Mumbai terror attacks also got us to value our NSG commandos, placing them ahead of Shahrukh in a popular vote of idealized salute to them as well...most importantly, it forced certain irresponsible politicians to step down, but is that good enough??

  • pollution, well...ummm....yeah....couldn't get much on this one...but it does make us ponder a good li'l while upon the fact that all the development it actually helping us? is all growth growing to decay?? development ke side effects....iss mein achchha kya hai? it gives a good amount of footage to certain celebrities to express concern n garner media attention by talking 'bout global good is that?

  • inflation...the good thing 'bout it is tht it's rapidly seen a downfall in the last few days....good atleast for the incumbent government as the nation prepares itself for the polls...good luck, Manmohanji...

  • the only good thing 'bout HIV n AIDS is that it's a fashionable cause to stand does manage some good media scoops (remember the Richard Gere-Shilpa Shetty baap of all embraces)...and and.....the scare of HIV does get people into practising safe sex, whenever fidelity goes for a toss...ahem...

  • recession....has it reached India? or is it still a good distance away?? 'm confused....lay offs, unemployment, depression...omigawd, i'm supposed to discuss the good part of it here..maybe it teaches u a good lesson or two 'bout valuing money n surviving in testing times..maybe!!

  • mafia, 'bhai'giri, underworld...they gave us one of the most endearing movie characters, bole toh..Munnabhai n also gave Ramgopal Verma some good Company in Satya...

  • slums n poverty.....Shobha De's said enough good words for Slumdog Millionaire....need i say more....JAI HO!!!

  • reality TV sucks....or does it?? nach baliye...indian idol....comedy circus....roadies..they've really saved a few good hours of our weekends from boredom...or have they? Shilpa Shetty's sagging fortunes were revived, thanks to Big Brother...good for her....humein kya fark padta hai? but i like her yaar...

that's been a pretty good dose of goodness....good's not good any more 'coz it's gotten a good too much... erstwhile PM, Shri Vajpayeeji wud hv sighed -"ye achchhi (good) baat nahi hai" .....yawn...before i start to get a good-for-nothing feel, i'll wind up this goody goody post..

signing off in Big B's KBC style - "take very very good care of yourselves"....goodbye..not for good though...

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  1. thats a good disussion u gt there. my view on pollution is dat.. it indirectly says "clean up your own mess!! " :P